Mental Models

It’s kind of fun to sit there and outthink people who are way smarter than you are because you’ve trained yourself to be more objective and more multidisciplinary. Furthermore, there is a lot of money in it, as I can testify from my own personal experience. – Charlie Munger



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Quotes on Mental Models:

“It doesn’t help just to know them enough so you can [repeat] them back on an exam and get an A. You have to learn (The big ideas in all the other disciplines) in such a way that they’re in a mental latticework in your head and you automatically use them for the rest of your life. If you do that I solemnly promise you that one day you’ll be walking down the street and you’ll look to your right and left and you’ll think ‘my heavenly days, I’m now one of the of the few most competent people in my whole age cohort.’ If you don’t do it, many of the brightest of you will live in the middle ranks or in the shallows.” – Charlie Munger

“I went through life constantly practicing (because if you don’t practice it, you lose it) the multi-disciplinary approach and I can’t tell you what that’s done for me. It’s made life more fun, it’s made me more constructive, its made me more helpful to others, its made me enormously rich.” – Charlie Munger

“Our education was far too uni-disciplinary.  Many problems by nature, cross many academic disciplines.” – Charlie Munger

“You don’t have to know everything. A few really big ideas carry most of the freight.” – Charlie Munger

“So I got a great reputation for doing integrals, only because my box of tools was different from everybody else’s, and they had tried all their tools on it before giving the problem to me.” – Richard Feynman

“Point of View is worth 80 IQ Points.” – Alan Kay